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Market Like the 1%: Game-Changing and Tried-And-True Marketing Strategies From Billion-Dollar Businesses
Position Your Brand Like Nike to Ensure Your Brand Remains Competitive
Key Takeaways:
Explore the biggest opportunities actually how only a few brands are doing marketing properly. Discover how the business world has changed a lot in 25 years, how the people buy have changed, and decisions people make have changed.
Strengthen your dialogue with consumers and improve customer engagement. Get more ROI and have all the insights to accelerate growth for your brand. Deliver value to your customers and build loyalty.
Explore how the cost of entry is zero in this day and age. Invest in meaningful brand experiences. Nowadays marketing in the right way is the biggest driver of business results. Leave with a tried-and-true digital marketing approach to win in the long term.

5 Lessons Every Business Can Learn From Amazon
The Biggest Differentiator What Sets Amazon Apart From Competitors is the Long-Term Growth
Key Takeaways:
Make investment decisions in light of long-term market considerations. Long-term means 5-10 years for most businesses, but in my mind it’s probably closer to 20-30 years. Learn how to measure progress and the effectiveness of investment.
Make bold bets and have high standards to stay ahead of ever-increasing customer expectations. Look outside the company and embrace trends that will make a difference, such as Machine Learning/AI.
Discover how you can double experiments you do per year to maximise your success. Making high-quality decisions is key to business. Never use a one-size-fits-all decision-making process.

Adapt and Survive in the Age of Disruption
Emerging Technologies and Global Megatrends Are Colliding to Disrupt Both Business and Society
Key Takeaways:
The Internet, social media, and mobile phones have disrupted every aspect of business. Brands lose market share and go out of business while facing disruption. Understand how to catch up and thrive. Accelerate strategies for success in the era of transformation.
Each industry is faced with disruption. Vladimer inspires audiences to think big and scale fast. He covers the major trends that drive growth across all sectors.
Explore the five stages of disruption and build a preparedness culture, foster organizational agility, embrace new ways of working and making decisions that can help firms embrace change and foster innovation.

Ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing, Social Media, and Retail Thought Leader by Thinkers360 with 130,000 followers across his social media channels, Vladimer’s contributions to marketing have had a global impact, making him one of the most influential keynote speakers, advisory board members, start-up advisors and thought leaders in the industry. Vladimer has been described as ”a pioneer across the globe” by Exeleon Magazine. His persistence has been recognized with more than 100 global awards. He demonstrates what it means to be a self-made success, a truly world-renowned keynote speaker who through consistency, long-term thinking, and audience-centricity, spearheaded one of the biggest global personal brands. His vision has empowered him to experience exponential growth and received recognition for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Vladimer’s keynote speeches center around his social media career and his marketing strategies provide a foundation for success. He helps high-performers achieve their growth and prepares organizations to think with a new perspective on the future of marketing. His expertise is trusted by the American Marketing Association. He has been elected as a jury member at the Digital Revolution Awards and the Prolific North Marketing Awards in the UK, the Lisbon Advertising Festival, the Eventex Awards, the Vega Digital Awards, the Titan Business Awards, the Titan World Innovation Awards, and the American Business Awards. He has recently been invited as a judge to the Gartner Marketing and Communication Awards in London. He mentors entrepreneurs at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, UCL Innovation and Enterprise, Abu Dhabi SME Hub, and Plug and Play Tech Center EMEA. Able to engage and inspire a wide range of audiences, he has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Irish Tech News, and World Biz Magazine.

Vladimer has been recognized as a Transformative Leader of the Year by Exeleon Magazine, Enterprise World Magazine has listed him among the Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022 and Insights Success Magazine has named him among the Top 10 Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference. The CIO Today Magazine has recognized him among the Luminaries: The Most Iconic Leaders You Must Follow For Inspiration. Vladimer is among the Top 25 Digital Transformation Influencers by Sparity and the Top 100 Global Retail Influencers by RETHINK Retail. Moreover, ENGAGE listed him among the Top 100 Marketing Speakers in 2022 and Thinkers360 has recognized him among the Top 50 B2B Global Thought Leaders and Influencers You Should Work With in 2023 (EMEA).

Driven by the desire to motivate others, Vladimer is acting to promote entrepreneurship and social media worldwide. One of the biggest names in marketing, Vladimer’s keynote speech will offer rewarding advice and prepare your brand to take the next steps in becoming a market leader. His understanding of social media customer centricity and communication, have led to a number of groundbreaking speeches. Regularly featured on podcasts and TV channels, his global status is sought-after, making him one of the most in-demand speakers available to book. Vladimer’s speeches are celebrated for their insight into the technology industry. Having made world-class contributions from APAC to the United States, his keynote speeches equip audiences with actionable strategies needed to thrive in their industry. His tactics transformed the operations of elite global brands. He has propelled companies to new heights with his masterclasses. Audiences are enthralled by his knowledge of marketing that includes actionable and results-driven tailored strategies. Many board positions and awards have positioned Vladimer as an influential thought leader in the fields of digital transformation and marketing. He has been serving on the Advisory Boards of the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute, the United States Data Science Institute, and the United States Cybersecurity Institute, a testament to Vladimer’s worldwide industry reputation.

Having built a successful CV, through a number of leading roles, Vladimer brings a winning mindset and driven attitude to all speaking engagements, taking established brands to new heights. Passion, dedication, and discipline have empowered him to achieve a number of milestones. A trailblazer who continues to impress in the marketing industry, he is one of the most highly sought-after speakers worldwide. Representing a new generation of inspiring social media influencers, Vladimer is a successful marketing thought leader. A prominent key opinion leader and futurist who is respected worldwide for his practical and high-impact work in the field. As brands look towards the future, he believes that marketing departments should leverage social media to tell their stories. Vladimer has appeared at the same conference as prominent thinkers such as Philip Kotler, and has helped thousands of managers in 922 cities to master decisive marketing skills. With a reputation for driving transformational change and traveling the world delivering keynote speeches, Vladimer has delivered his speeches at the Global Marketing Summit and the Asia Retail Summit. He has a wealth of knowledge from a longstanding career in elite corporations, showing audiences the best way to gain a return on investment.

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