Perry Mccarthy
Perry Mccarthy

Perry Mccarthy

  • Ex Formula One Driver, The Stig from Top Gear
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The Business of Formula 1 – Marginal Gains – How to be better and produce more
Teamwork – Creating Trust and The Will to Win
Personal Performance: Preparation – Focus – Resilience – Pressure
Pursuing a Dream: Passion, Goal setting
Failure and Success: Recognising and Creating Opportunities

Perry McCarthy is quite simply unique. He is an ex-Formula One driver, a bestselling author and was the original secret racing driver from BBC’s Top Gear-‘The Stig’.
He combines his renowned sense of humour and his experiences of rising to the top against massive odds to entertain, over 1500 audiences worldwide to date with captivating Inspirational, Motivational and Business addresses. Motivational Speaker – inspiring your people to be the best they can be Formula One is one of the world’s most popular sports but with only 20 drivers globally, selected by 10 teams each year, it is ultra-competitive and also one of the toughest to join. The odds of reaching this level without financial backing is over 1 million to one but, that’s exactly what Perry McCarthy did. In the world of International Motor Racing, Perry McCarthy is known for his speed and humour, but he is also famous for his incredible determination, opportunism and deal making abilities.
Perry’s motto is ‘Whatever it takes’.
His unique attitude and incredible story, from working on Oil Rigs to Formula One driver, best-selling author to becoming world famous as ‘The Stig’ on Top Gear has been inspirational.
Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion, said of McCarthy ‘I have constant admiration for how he turns a no hope situation into some sort of triumph Richard Farleigh. Investor and ex Dragons’ Den adds, ‘Perry is extremely bright and witty. He has two traits I admire: the ability to simplify complicated explanations; and the ability to make people laugh’ There were so many difficult times for Perry and his young family, but he would not give up, either on or off the track, and he always found a way to make things happen.


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